C.A. Convention 2021 de la région Suisse – Save the date

This event will take place via virtual format or hybrid format, information will be updated at the beginning of January 2021.

Public transport (To be updated)


Taxis in Geneva are expensive. Taxis are marked with a roof “taxi” sign which is either yellow or blue. Yellow taxis can use dedicated lanes and get to destinations faster.

Uber was banned by the local authorities, however they are still active pending a court appeal.


Geneva’s public transport TPG ( ) offers an extensive network of buses and trams and regional trains across the city. A “Unireso” pass will allow you to travel on all these modes of transportation. Within Zone 10 (Central Geneva): 3 CHF gets you a one hour pass, 10 CHF a day pass.

Public transport prices and zone maps may be found at :

Useful Tips:

At Geneva airport you may collect a free ticket for public transport by the customs exit in the baggage claim area, enabling you to travel for free for up to 70 minutes in Zone 10.

Some hotels, Including the Ibis suggested in this document, offer free public transport passes to their guests.

Event venue (To be updated)

Paroisse de Montbrillant

The paroisse de Montbrillant is a protestant church, located within walking distance from Geneva’s main “Cornavin” train station. The event on Saturday March 21st 2021 will be held there. There is some parking at the venue (available saturday all day).

Nearby Hotels (To be updated)

3 star hotel

The Hotel Ibis Genève Centre Nations located 7 minutes walking distance away from the venue offers modern and comfortable rooms for prices around CHF 120 ( 100£, 105€). Cheaper hotels can be found ranging from CHF 80 – 120 within a 15 minutes walking distance radius.

4 star hotel

The Hotel Cornavin located 9 minutes walking distance away from the venue offers upscale rooms for prices around CHF 150 (122£ , 140€).

5 star hotel

The Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva located 16 minutes walking distance away from the venue, offers luxury rooms for prices around CHF 450 (370£ / 400€) with a beautiful view of Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains. (Please note that the most direct walking route from this hotel to the event venue will take you through the “paquis” red light district)