CA Switzerland convention 2020 – COVID-19 Update

10th March 2020

  • Plans to hold our convention still stand as government bans don’t effect events of our size at this time.
  • We will be required by authorities to maintain a list of participants and contact information ( a paper sheet on site ) so that health authorities can contact all participants should one of us be found to have been infected while having attended the event.
  • The Mainland Europe Regional Assembly will be broadcast online, via zoom, go to meeting or some similar platform, so as to enable delegates not attending to still participate.
  • Current information and government recommendations on the COVID-19 situation in Switzerland are available here, in English:
  • So as to help us adapt as well as possible to the situation we ask that all those attending please register via our website: and those wishing to cancel please do so via the eventbrite system used to register or via email :

CA Convention 2020 de la région Suisse – COVID-19 mise à jour du 10 mars 2020

  • La convention est à ce stade maintenue, puisque les restrictions gouvernementales ne s’appliquent pas à une manifestation de l’ampleur de celle que nous organisons, pour le moment.
  • Nous sommes tenus de mettre à la disposition des autorités fédérales une liste des participants avec leurs informations de contact, afin que les autorités sanitaires puissent contacter ces derniers au cas où l’un d’entre nous venait à être infecté par le virus lors de la convention.
  • L’assemblée territoriale de la section continentale Europe sera aussi programmée en ligne, via « Zoom », « GoToMeeting » ou un support similaire, afin que chaque personne qui serait empêchée de se déplacer puisse néanmoins participer.
  • Toute l’information actualisée et les recommandations gouvernementales relatives à la situation du COVID-19 en Suisse peuvent être consultées en ligne sur
  • Afin de nous permettre de nous adapter le mieux possible à cette situation, nous vous remercions par avance de bien vouloir :
    – vous inscrire sur notre site internet si vous souhaiter participer :
    – annoncer votre éventuel désistement sur eventbrite ou par e-mail à

Public transport


Taxis in Geneva are expensive. Taxis are marked with a roof “taxi” sign which is either yellow or blue. Yellow taxis can use dedicated lanes and get to destinations faster.

Uber was banned by the local authorities, however they are still active pending a court appeal.

Public transport

Geneva’s public transport TPG ( ) offers an extensive network of buses and trams and regional trains across the city. A “Unireso” pass will allow you to travel on all these modes of transportation. Within Zone 10 (Central Geneva): 3 CHF gets you a one hour pass, 10 CHF a day pass.

Public transport prices and zone maps may be found at :

Useful Tips:

  • At Geneva airport you may collect a free ticket for public transport by the customs exit in the baggage claim area, enabling you to travel for free for up to 70 minutes in Zone 10.
  • Some hotels, Including the Ibis suggested in this document, offer free public transport passes to their guests.

Event venue

Paroisse de Montbrillant

The paroisse de Montbrillant is a protestant church, located within walking distance from Geneva’s main “Cornavin” train station. The event on Saturday April 4th 2020 will be held there. There is some parking at the venue (available saturday all day).

Nearby Hotels

3 star hotel

The Hotel Ibis Genève Centre Nations located 7 minutes walking distance away from the venue offers modern and comfortable rooms for prices around CHF 120 ( 100£, 105€). Cheaper hotels can be found ranging from CHF 80 – 120 within a 15 minutes walking distance radius.

4 star hotel

The Hotel Cornavin located 9 minutes walking distance away from the venue offers upscale rooms for prices around CHF 150 (122£ , 140€).

5 star hotel

The Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva located 16 minutes walking distance away from the venue, offers luxury rooms for prices around CHF 450 (370£ / 400€) with a beautiful view of Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains. (Please note that the most direct walking route from this hotel to the event venue will take you through the “paquis” red light district)

May 21 – May 25, 2020

Austin, Texas, US

Welcome to the 36th Annual C.A. World Service Convention of Anonymous. Our theme for this Convention is “Deep in the Heart of Recovery.” We believe this year’s program offers a variety of activities, events and programming focusing on sobriety, fellowship, step-work and fun. Our primary purpose at this Convention, as with any other Cocaine Anonymous function, is to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. We also desire to work toward the continued growth of C.A. throughout our ever-expanding C.A. world, as well as our own personal recovery, by sharing our experience, strength and hope with each other. You are invited to join us so that we can continue to grow and recover together.

For registration and more information